Our Story

Every story has a beginning…


How it all started

Ion Graphics started with Matt Beckner’s creative itch in 1998 doing small graphic design jobs, wedding photography/videography, and illustration. Matt & Brandi Beckner took it to the next level purchasing a local sign business and adding sign production and vehicle graphics.

Matt grew up in the land of "Built, Not Bought", a high mountain valley in Colorado filled with some of the most creative people in the world. Here, if you want anything cool, you have to craft it yourself. The San Luis Valley is home to Matt & Brandi’s sign and graphics shop, Ion Graphics Inc, located in a small 900 sq ft. shop in La Jara, Colorado. Matt had always been attracted to lowbrow, kustom kulture, and car art from flipping through the pages of his CarToons magazines and through attending local car shows. One thing Matt has always been drawn to has been hand-painted signs and pinstriping.

In 2010, his wife Brandi picked up his first set of brushes and a couple cans of 1 shot paint for his birthday to give this "Pinstriping" thing a try. This is where YEARS of hard work came into play.

The best thing that ever happened to Matt’s pinstriping & sign making ventures was meeting his mentors/legends; Jack Giachino, Rody Kuschnereit, and Todd Hanson. Not only have they guided his direction in design execution and color selection, but they have become a part of Matt & Brandi’s family. They met Jack, Rody And Todd through a panel jam Matt & Brandi put on through the Early Iron Festival. They took Matt aside and critiqued what he was doing. They taught him that lines can go anywhere, it takes the skilled hands of a designer to put them in the right place. Colors can go anywhere, it is the craft of a designer to place the right colors in the right order. Matt is eternally grateful for their teaching and friendship.


2016 was the year we felt we needed to go big or go home. We purchased a 7,500 square foot building on Main Street in Alamosa, Colorado and began the push to fill the shop with job after job. A huge revelation occurred. For one thing, we realized no one had the work ethic we had and in turn, we could not find the right kind of help. We were getting work that did not reflect the skillset we offered. Things had to change. We decided to go in the opposite direction. We pulled back on the reigns and decided to keep it small and focused, so we moved home.

As of Now

As of now, Ion Graphics Inc is located at a small shop at our home in the La Jara, Colorado area. To keep things high quality, highly designed, and at a good price, we are focusing on you. We want to get you the best possible product we can. It is just Matt and Brandi… No one else to get between you and your product.

Thank you all so much!

-Matt & Brandi Beckner