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With many years in farming, graphic art, construction, and ministry, Matt Beckner has been led into the sign and graphic industry. He includes aspects from each field and places it into every part of Ion Graphics making it a place to get a quality product for your need. Together, with his wife Brandi, they are building a truly "one-off" type of graphic business.

Ion was used to describe the energy which is brought forth through our design. The word ion is the Greek ἰόν, ion, "going" and shows the positive message we want everyone to know who uses us for their needs. Here is the process to get your project going...


Effective design is the backbone of a successful sign and your overall image. We have helped hundreds of clients win notice and recognition through signage designed to portray exactly who they are and what they stand for. Our design process begins with an assessment of visual influences at the installation site so that we can match the sign perfectly with its surroundings. We are particularly sensitive to the aesthetic requirements of historical districts.

Logo Design:

If you do not yet have a logo or want to update your current image, we can help you with our in-house design services.

Custom Brackets and Frames:

A sign's mounting bracket or support frame can add a distinctive transitional element linking the sign to its location. We design and manufacture metal scroll brackets and bold, rustic wood frames as well as many other mountings exactly suited to the sign's look, message, and setting.

Fabrication & Vehicle Graphics:

Once the design has been approved and a budget established, your sign enters our rigorous fabrication process with its many specialized techniques. We can complete most sign projects in 2 to 6 weeks, depending on the size and complexity. Vehicle graphics and simpler types of signs can usually be completed within a week of contacting us.

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